Cooking lessons from X-Men's Magneto? Yes, please

When Sir Ian McKellen speaks, we listen. And when he offers up his tips for making the "best scrambled eggs in the world", we take notes.


To celebrate the success of his most recent film, Mr Holmes, McKellen teamed up with the Chateau Marmont hotel to film a Live from Chateau Marmont in Hollywood video clip of himself making scrambled eggs for his legions of Facebook followers and fans.


When it comes to McKellen's scrambled eggs skills, he uses a family recipe and makes some bold moves from the get-go: choosing a saucepan instead of a frying pan (he thinks eggs cook too quickly in a frying pan) and not whisking the eggs beforehand. 


"There's no mixing up in advance," he explains. "Everything's got to be mixed up in the pan."


He adds single cream and butter ("not sure how much that weighs"), some salt and pepper and then puts his eggs on the heat, advising viewers to "stir away".

"As you're doing this, you can listen to the radio, you can talk to your beloved, but mainly, you can get your juices going because these eggs are going to be really delicious," says McKellen, stirring vigorously.


His other trick? Take them off the heat just before they're done and keep stirring: they'll continue to cook off the heat. Follow this recipe for eggs "that can never separate" and which are, he quite modestly admits, "the best eggs in the world".


Can he get nominated for another award for this performance? Brilliant stuff.

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