On the back of LFW, KFC tasked fashion designer Katie Eary with the mammoth challenge of creating an entire clothing range in one hour

What do you reckon models eat backstage during London, New York and Milan fashion weeks?


Could it be caviar-filled, hollowed out quail's eggs? Dainty triangles of chia seed bread? Or is it a bucket of fried chicken? 


Granted, the latter isn't the most, ahem, fitting partner to haute couture and 6ft-tall tall clothes horses. But that hasn't stopped KFC from trying to twin their new lunch offering, a bed of rice topped with fried chicken, with all things Vogue-worthy. 


By assigning fashion designer Katie Eary and her team the task of creating an entire clothing collection in the space of an hour (all while enjoying the new KFC lunchbox, naturally) they've had a stellar crack at food and fashion.



Sure we'll see Kate Moss papped with one any day now …

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Via: KFC


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