Got a trip to la capitale planned this summer? Maybe think again

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Dreaming of a late summer's stay in Paris, all freshly buttered baguette, bowls of milky coffee and prancing around cobbled streets wearing a Breton top  à la the locals? 


We're really sorry, but the dream is dead. Well, the baguette part, anyway.


For the first time since the French Revolution, Parisian bakers are allowed to take time off whenever they fancy it. A pretty archaic-sounding rule – which dictated that only half of bakeries could close in August and half in July, in order to keep citizens in fresh bread aplenty – has just been lifted. 


The result? 


A lot of them are are clocking off in tune with the rest of the country's workforce – rendering the city with a whole lot less loaves than is ideal. Speaking to The Telegraph, artist Anthony Stephinson, 36, said: "Our local boulangerie, formally known as simply 'Artisan Boulangerie', changed its name to 'Utopie', then went on holiday. So, we've taken to buying those strange half-cooked mini baguettes from my local supermarket and putting them in the oven."


C'est tragique!