As everyone knows, the food at Wimbledon is ace

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Image: Wait, we eat how much food at Wimbledon?

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Visitors to Wimbledon are eating 700,000 times this many strawberries …

Every year, hundreds of thousands of us gather at Wimbledon to ogle Andy Murray, picnic with our friends and fantasise about our own tennis-playing glory.


And to eat.


According to a recent article in The Daily Mail, the amount of food and drink consumed during the two weeks that Wimbledon is in session is really quite extraordinary.


First things first: gorgeous English strawberries. No word on how many are consumed per individual, but total numbers add up to around 2 million (that's 28,000 kilos), reaching almost 60km when laid end-to-end (in other words, the length of space between Wimbledon and Reading). 


And for that many strawberries you'll need 7,000 litres of cream.


To wash down the 190,000 sandwiches people are nibbling on and the 30,000 fish and chips portions, it takes 28,000 bottles of Lanson champagne, 230,000 glasses of Pimm's and 100,000 draught beers.


In tea terms, we're talking 300,000 cups. In just a fortnight!


And let's not forget about ice-creams: 135,000 of those disappear during the matches.


So much food! So little time! Sounds like a culinary grand slam.


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