Turns out, we're spending £76m every day on going out for breakfast or brunch. That's a lot of eggs Benedict

While it isn't yet recognised as a source of national achievement, we're pleased to say that Brits will eat all other nations' foods for breakfast. And brunch.


In fact, the most important meal of the day has become such a big deal in the UK that we don't even bother having it at home anymore.


A new survey of 2,000 people from purchasing services company Beacon has found that Britons spend a whopping £76m on going out for breakfast or brunch, which works out to £7.31 per day, per person.


Apparently, going out for breakfast a lot is the result of a hectic, time-poor lifestyle with 47% of respondents revealing they went out for the first meal of the day because they were staying in a hotel.


A further 26% explained they were after convenience while 15% wanted to grab a bite en route to the office and 10% merged morning meetings with morning meals, reports The Telegraph.


Another 47% of those surveyed felt that eating out for breakfast was still a treat reserved for weekends or special family gatherings, contributing to a 16% rise in weekend brunch sales according market research from NPD Group (by contrast, lunch and dinner have only gone up by 11% and 6%, respectively).


Another round of Bloody Marys, then?

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