And we'll have another round...

99 bottles of beer on the wall? Make that 14,841.


Yep, you read that right. Brits consume a whopping 14,841 pints of beer. A minute.


We'll give you a second to swallow that info.


If beer just isn't your thing, you're probably still indulging in a tipple or two. Perhaps you're busy sipping on one of the 13,923 glasses of wine being consumed in the UK every minute?


In fact, white wine is the nation's most popular drink - 24 bottles are downed every second. Red wine aficionados are busy drinking, too, lagging slightly behind with 23 bottles a second.


And cocktail lovers are also making an impact, drinking 353 shots a second (that's 279million litres of spirits a year). 


This new research from Voucherbox also found that Brits spend £15 billion on alcohol annually (that makes £18 billion in pubs, if you include food).


"It is fascinating to see just how much we enjoy a tipple and how much we get through between us per minute," said Shane Forster from Voucherbox.


"Now the recession is behind us, some Brits have a bit more cash to enjoy more of what they fancy and that includes a nice pint or glass of chilled white wine.”


OK, who's buying the next round then?


Love beer? There's now a tank beer bar where you can drink from the source in London's Hackney