And yes, it's in Hackney

Chuffed that you've finally discovered the merits of craft beer? Well done you.


But times have moved on. Now there's a new beer trend in town we need to introduce you to. 


Micro-brewery Howling Hops has recently opened the UK's first tank bar in east London's Hackney Wick.


No clue what that means? Allow us to enlighten you.


At Howling Hops, you won't be getting your beer from a keg, cask or bottle. Instead, it comes straight from one of the 10 tanks in the brewery, allowing you to experience beer at its source and maximising freshness.


Since the brewery and the bar are located in the same space, it really doesn't get more local than this.


"The thing that makes it tank beer is that we brewers are so close to the final product," Tim, one of the brewers at Howling Hops, told Munchies.


"Bars and clubs are buying from someone else, and the extra steps in between affect the beer. This approach is as fresh as possible. It’s made right here and you’re drinking it 15 metres away."


That Budweiser chilling in the fridge isn't looking so appealing right now.

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