Italian winemakers bubble up over prosecco on tap

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Image: UK pubs are treating prosecco like beer and Italy is angry

NlmAdestiny / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: Nima0021

Our approach to Italian cuisine has long perplexed the inhabitants of the bel paese – after all, we do put pineapple on our pizza. Absolutamente no!


It seems we’ve done it again and this time the Italians are in a real fizz (sorry).


Winemakers are threatening legal action, which is being backed by the Italian government (see, we told you it was serious), against UK pubs and bars who serve "prosecco" on tap.


They say that selling the sparkling wine in the same way as beer is illegal under EU laws, which is true as legally prosecco must be sold in a bottle even if what comes out of the tap is exactly the same stuff.


Michele Anzaldi, an MP from the Democratic Party of prime minister Matteo Renzi, has held no punches and called it "abuse".


He told The Telegraph: “It’s one thing to drink prosecco, a protected brand, but quite another to drink pseudo-wine pumped with carbon dioxide, as seems to be served in some British pubs.”


Mamma mia!

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