It's the company that made hailing cabs a thing of the past. Now Uber is taking on food with a takeaway delivery service

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Image: UberEats will get your food to you in under 10 minutes


Catch a cab and grab some eats

Forget delivering people, Uber now wants to deliver your food.


UberEats will allow users to order food from local hotspots and deliver it "faster than it takes to boil water". That’s right: no stone-cold pizza or soggy noodles. Amen.


The daily changing menus include breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks (goodbye Friday night 'lack of wine' panic), with dishes in New York including lobster roll, kale caesar salad and burgers from the Big Apple’s top restaurants.   


Now for the bad news: it’s currently only available in the US and Barcelona. But Uber promises it'll "expand soon”.


So, is it really as easy as booking an Uber taxi? It’s all done in the same app, evening using the same drivers.


All you need to do is slide over to the ‘eats’ section on the app (calm yourself, you’ll only see this if you’re in an area that Uber covers), enter your address, tap 'view menu' and a list of dishes will appear. Hit order and your meal will reach your door in minutes.


While there’s no confirmation when the UberEats revolution will hit the UK, London was one of the first cities to get the car service (outside of the US), so we’re thinking it could be soon.

Get those tickets (we mean apps) ready to ride.