But the website, Lou Pape, only serves people in France – sorry for getting your hopes up

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Oven-warm tea loaf, butter-drenched crumpets, the perfect Sunday roast … there are some things that taste better if your grandma has cooked them. 


But what if she doesn't live close by/has passed away/really isn't up for catering to your every whim anymore?


Step up: French website Lou Papé.


This unique idea takes a team of gastronomically gifted older folk and sends them to a member of the paying public's home for an evening where they'll serve up a classic three-course meal.


Conceived when the site's founder left her Nîmes region village for the bright lights of Paris, where she missed eating her grandmother's roast guinea fowl, stews and chocolate mousse. 


At around 100 euros for a supper for four, it's a little steeper than eating the real deal. But can you put a price on the taste of home? We'd like the concept over here pronto, merci.


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