We’ve got some berry good news for you, strawberry lovers: our favourite summer fruits are going to be bigger, sweeter and tastier this year

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Image: This summer’s strawberries will be the cream of the crop

Photo: Kahvikisu /  CC-BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: karviainen

Guys, it may be wet outside but we're bringing you some joyous news: British strawberry season has officially kicked off.


Oh yes.


If summer had a taste, there’s no denying that it would involve some strawberries. The warmer months are about to get a whole lot better as we’re being promised that those berries are going to be bigger than ever this year.


British Summer Fruits, the industry body for berries (yes, that’s a thing), is predicting that yields will rise to 76,000 tonnes this year – that’s a 19% increase on last year.


Although the main strawberry season started 10 days later than in 2014 due to some chilly nights in April, Britain also enjoyed the sunniest winter on record. Along with longer periods of sunlight, there were more acres and varieties planted using new methods. This not only helped strengthen plant growth but it's expected to make this year’s strawberries sweeter, larger and juicier.


Now, that's berry, berry good news. 

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Photo: Family Guy / giphy.com