Never ever will your brew go cold again. Ever

Coffee problems. We've had a few.


A whole, aromatic cafetière gone tragically cold after you're called into a meeting. Your glorious morning flat white scalding your tongue on first sip. Not being able to control your mug's temperature via your iPhone. 


The last one, maybe not so much. But all three are very much addressed with potential java-invention-of-the-month: the Ember Temperature Adjustable Mug.


Conceived by some LA natives, it's a hot-drink holder that is linked up to your smart device. You simply set the temperature you'd like your beverage at, and it'll whizz you a notification when it's ready. More than that, it'll keep its contents at a steady heat, so no more tepid teas. 

Report image

Via: Indiegogo/ Ember


Currently up on crowd-funding site Indiegogo, the idea has smashed its target three times over so it might be coming to a delivery near you in a month or so. 


Hello, Christmas present? 




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