Can the world's first wearable fruit really track your exercise time and heart rate and still be eaten after a workout?

Running in the park with a banana hanging around your neck may not sound too appealing, but this particular banana is no ordinary fruit. Oh no.


This, dear readers, is the smart banana. Yep. It's claimed it can track your running time and heart rate, send encouraging messages via Twitter (whaaaat?) and, tell you when you need to refuel by actually eating it (cruel fate indeed).


Can this really be true? 


Dole Japan, who sponsor the Tokyo marathon and have previously printed out runners’ times and stats on banana peel, have supposedly embedded an LED screen and sensors into the skin of the fruit.


They claim when you’ve finished your workout the wearable banana can then be eaten as normal – although it’s unclear whether the technology will have any impact on the taste.


If the humble banana really has gone smart, does it make it any more a-peeling (sorry) than it already is? We’re not sure. Frankly it's all just a little bit weird ...  

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