People are going bonkers over this ultimate baking challenge. After all, who doesn’t love colourful sunbeams in a sponge cake?

Let’s face it, this lovechild of rainbows and cake was always going to be a winning combination, but we’re predicting that this may even be the new birthday cake du jour.

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People are losing their minds over this rainbow heart surprise cake and, according to mastermind Ann Reardon who is behind the YouTube channel How to Cook That, it’s surprisingly easy to make.


All you need to do is put together some cake mixes with food colouring and bake them into one big mess. Next, cut the rainbow cake into hearts and stuff them into the centre of another cake.


Then, it’s time to channel those Play-Doh skills you honed at nursery and make another coloured rainbow mess, but this time out of fondant icing, and then drape over the cake. 




Got the surprise cake bit between your teeth? We just so happen to have a birthday surprise cake recipe that’s filled with sweets. And breathe.

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