The smart oven uses image recognition to cook anything to perfection, no help required

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Image: This over bakes perfect biscuits without your help


Your new BFF

Meet June.


She may look like a really big toaster – you can fit a 12.5in pizza inside – but she’ll turn you into a MasterChef-style cook in no time.


Smells too good to be true?


A San Francisco company has created the 'intelligent' oven, which identifies the food you put into it and then cooks it perfectly for you – and all you have to do is press OK.


What makes the Wi-Fi-enabled June different to other gadgets is the software and hardware that powers its food-recognising powers. 

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June app


A wide-angle HD camera is tucked inside the machine which, when combined with machine's intelligence algorithms, enables the smart oven to detect the type of food that has been placed inside and how long it needs to be cooked for.


Matt Van Horn, June’s CEO and co-founder told The Verge: “Right now we are experts in steak, chicken, white fish, salmon, bacon, cookie dough, brownie mix, toast, bagels, and hamburger buns.”


Sounds pretty good, right? 


The machine, which is now available for pre-order, also comes with an app so you can keep tabs on your dish while it’s cooking. If you feel so inclined, you can also live-stream your chocolate chip cookies as they're baking from the oven’s camera.


You can even time-lapse the process which will take food-loving to a whole new level.


Guys, the future is now.

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