Want to add a little something special to your cheeky after-work G&T? Let us introduce you to Anty Gin, flavoured with the ‘essence of ants’

Creepy crawlies are the food of the future (or so say scientists in search of sustainable food sources). Foodies with a love for insects have been lobbying to get them on mainstream menus for a while now (hello there chapulines fundido made with grasshopper at Wahaca) but now they’ve clawed their way into the drink du jour: gin.


Step forward Anty Gin.


Distilled with red wood ants, this bespoke bottle is the brainchild of The Cambridge Distillery and Nordic Food Lab, founded by Noma chef René Redzepi and entrepreneur Claus Meyer.


Will Lowe, from The Cambridge Distillery, collected more than 6,000 red wood ants to “open people’s eyes to the possibility of insects being used as a viable source of food and flavour.”


With a hefty £200 price tag, each 700ml bottle of Anty Gin contains the essence of 62 ants. It's these critters’ delicate citrus flavour (which they are known for, apparently) that lends them so well to gin-making.


Lowe said: “The reason people use ants is they have a very specific flavour which is best described as a citrus flavour. 


“As well as juniper, we used foraged botanicals like stinging nettle, wood avens roots and Alexander's seeds to mix with the ant distillate.


“The result is a spectacular, one-of-a-kind gin that is being very well received worldwide. People are astounded at how good it tastes.”


Taking almost a year to make, The Cambridge Distillery has produced 99 bottles of its first commercial batch of Anty Gin.


Each bottle also comes with 50ml of pure wood ant distillate because, well, why not?


Let the gin ant-ics commence.