With a new non-stick coating inside the bottle, the wait for that dollop of ketchup is over

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Image: This non-stick bottle will put an end to your ketchup woes

Via Seinfeld / giphy.com

It’s a universally annoying problem: having to resort to shaking and slapping that ketchup bottle in a futile attempt to get those last few dollops of sauce onto your plate.


Heinz tried to woo customers with an a crafty ad campaign that claimed "the best things come to those who wait" but they weren't kidding anyone. The fact is, you’ll never get back those precious minutes wasted on taking that bottle to task.


Then there was the squeezy bottle, but that's still not perfect as when you try to salvage those last remaining drops for an emergency bacon sandwich, all you get is an unsatisfactory splutter of fine ketchupy mist.


Now, science has come to the rescue with an invention that could put an end to your ketchup woes: a non-stick bottle.


It's lined with something called LiquiGlide which creates a "wet slippery surface" between the ketchup and its container, allowing that tomato sauce goodness (or even mayonnaise for that matter) to slide out.


Created by scientists at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the team believes the invention could also significantly reduce household waste.


Even better, LiquiGlide has now teamed up with Elmers Products Inc to make the dream of a non-stick ketchup bottle a reality - and they say easier to squeeze toothpaste and mayonnaise are next on their list .


We couldn’t be more ready – just look at it go …