Chip lovers, rejoice! This new London joint pays homage to the glorious fry

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Image: Will you try London's chips-only

Photo: Twitter/Come Fry With Me

Chips aren't small fry in this new foodie joint …

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Come Fry With Me Chips

Photo: Twitter/Come Fry With Me

London's first chips-only restaurant is ready for take-off.


The latest in a long line of single-dish restaurants to pop up in London, Come Fry With Me is set to open this autumn in Covent Garden.

On the menu? Chips, chips and more chips in variations you could only imagine in your wildest dreams. 


You'll find gastro chips (truffle and parmesan), love-'em-or-hate-'em chips (Marmite skinny fries), topped fries (chilli con carne and soured cream-coated chips), battered fries (dunked in Guinness) and even sweet fries (cinnamon sweet potato with vanilla icing, dark chocolate or peanut butter dip).


Excuse us while we wipe the drool from the corners of our mouths.


To add to the kitsch factor, the fries-only restaurant has an aviation theme: customers receive boarding passes to collect their orders, condiments are pushed along on trollies and staff are dressed in the uniforms of airline crew, reports the Evening Standard.


When it comes to creating the perfect chip, founder Tiffany Plant – who started experimenting with homemade fries as a student at Exeter University – says maris piper potatoes are her favourites: "Everyone is different, but people want a golden fry: crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside.


"A lot of that comes from the type of potato you use, the oil, how many times it is cooked. You know if a chip is triple-cooked, then it’ll be more crispy and golden."


Who needs the burger, anyway?

Can't wait until the autumn for your portion of chips? Tiffany Plant is launching a food truck this from 24-26 July at Clapham Common's Foodies Festival, where you can get first dibs on truffle and parmesan, pesto chicken, fajita vegetable, and steak and stilton chips