Those with the digestive condition might be able to eat bready, cheesy goodness at last

Despite the wealth of delicious gluten-free options out there, even scientists are concerned their coeliac friends are missing out on some of life's good things. Like pizza and beer.


Hoon Sunwoo, an associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Alberta in Canada has spent the past decade working on a pill that can help those with the digestive condition to enjoy foods like bread, beer and pasta without suffering from intestinal issues.


The pill works by using egg yolk antibodies to coat the gluten and allow it to go through the body without any ill effects, reports CBC News. It's designed to be taken five minutes before consuming foods which have gluten in them and works for the next hour or two, allowing coeliacs to enjoy foods that are normally off the menu for them. 


Since it's not purporting to be a cure or long-term solution for the disease, coeliacs would still need to stick to their strict gluten-free diets the rest of the time.


"This is not treating the coeliac disease or curing coeliac disease. It's just to try to help them improve their quality of life when they want to socialise with peers or friends," Sunwoo told Edmonton AM radio.


The pill will start a new series of clinical trials next year.


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Please note this article has been produced for information purposes only and is not condoning the consumption of this medicine. It should not be viewed as a replacement for any kind of nutritional or medical advice.​

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