Carbs get him drunk. No, really

In downright freakiest news of the day, a man from Ohio, US, has discovered that his chronic slurring and sleepiness were being caused by carbs turning into alcohol in his stomach and getting him drunk. 


Sounds like a pretty tall tale. But, seriously –  it's all medically verified. 


Thirty-five-year-old Nick Hess's condition was so odd that his wife started secretly filming him, thinking his weird behaviour meant he was an alcoholic and that he was necking beer in private. But when the footage showed that he never brought booze into the house and never arrived in a dozy state, she realised something else was up.


After being admitted to hospital, it was figured out. Hess has 400 times the normal amount of yeast in his gut; when he eats potatoes, pasta and bread, that's enough to react and make him inebriated.


After drastically switching up his diet from lots of starch to grass-fed steak and leafy veggies, the phenomenon stopped occurring.


Told you it was freaky. 

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