Well, those tasty bits of meat do take forever to cook …

We'd save our ribs, too

What would you save in a fire? 


Photos from your beach holidays when you were little? Jewellery? Barbecue ribs? 


For one man, it was the latter that had him running back into his burning house. 


Grilled-meat-lover Robert Wright of California, USA, saw flames coming out of another apartment in his building while he had a nice rack cooking at 3am on Tuesday (hey, when you're hungry, you're hungry.) After getting his kids out safely, he realised that forfeiting his lovingly marinated treat was not an option. 


"I thought about my ribs and I didn’t want to let my ribs burn, ’cause I take pride in what I do," he said, speaking KMPH news station


As for injuries? None. 


 “I didn’t get no injuries … except for the smoke in my lungs … but I already had smoke in my lungs, so I’m alright,” he told reporters. 


Ultimate respect for this dedication to the perfect plate of charred goodness.