Cucina Asellina on the Strand, London, is offering diners a bottomless pizza and prosecco deal 7 days a week

Prosecco shortage? What prosecco shortage? London restaurant Cucina Asellina, in the ME hotel on the Strand, London, is offering hungry diners unlimited fizz and pizzette (that's mini-pizzas) as part of a new promotional menu running through the summer.


Between 4pm and 8pm daily, for £20-a-head, you can get your fill of tasty Italian mini pizzas from head chef Stefano Lorenzini. The selection includes prosciutto di San Daniele, fontina and rocket; buffalo mozzarella, tomato and basil; confit tuna, onions, capers and gaeta olives; burrata, rocket, fresh tomato and basil pesto and calzone, roast ham, mozzarella and artichokes.


Gluten-free pizza bases are also available.


Just be sure to come with a hearty appetite: according to The Drinks Business, seatings are limited to an hour-and-a-half at a time, so you won't have all day to indulge.


Well, that's our August dinner schedule sorted, then.


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