We thought we knew cake. Seems we were wrong

A Japanese water cake served, appropriately, in a small boat

Most of us would agree that food is fundamentally about necessity, but luckily the culinary world has evolved so far that now they’re inventing stuff like this: a cake that looks like a big drop of water. Because … well, why not?


The mizu shingen mochi (literally "water cake") is a trademark product of the Kinseiken Seika Company in Japan, and was introduced to restaurants last summer with such success that’s it’s back again this year.


So what actually is it? The waterblob dessert is basically a special kind of rice cake that’s made using spring water. It’s served with sprinkled kinako soybean powder and eaten with brown sugar syrup.


It’s said to have a sticky jelly-like consistency and melts on the tongue, so it needs to be gobbled up within 30 minutes or it disintegrates and becomes a puddle of sweet liquid.


Still getting used to the idea? Here are some more pictures to help.

water blob

Via: Twitter / yamaiku

water droplet on leaf

Via: Carolina Ödman / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: carolune

Kidding! This is actually a drop of water. But how cool would it be if they served the mizu shingen mocha on a leaf?