A chemistry experiment is going on in your bedroom without you even knowing it

If you've ever wondered if your glass or bottle of water can go bad, then this video is for you.


Created by the people at DNews, "Does Water Ever Expire" explores why it is that you can leave a glass of water on your bedside table overnight and find that it tastes completely different in the morning. 


Since water doesn't have any sugars or proteins like food, no microbes will rot it overnight. However, the chemistry of the water changes by being exposed to air and absorbing CO2, some of which converts to carbonic acid and lowers the pH of the water, creating a slightly acidic taste. 


How cool is that?


Watch the video to find out why water that's shifted its pH could harm shellfish and dissolve shells, why leaving water outside can grow algae and host mosquito larvae (yuck) and why sailors love their rum so much.

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