Because everything tastes so much better in waffle form

Sometimes in life, you have to ask the crucial question: will it waffle?


For some reason – we're guessing gooey deliciousness – sticking any and every food combination into your waffle iron has become the newest trend among the Instagram set. Don't believe us? Just check out  #willitwaffle.


People go bold. They go daring. They've waffled pizza, egg sandwiches, ham and cheese and even falafel.


And they didn't stop there.


In a new YouTube video, chefs Ben Johnson and Nick Gavin of ChefSteps prove that when it comes to the waffle maker, there's nothing you can't cook. And that includes a full English breakfast, with egg, bacon, tomatoes and hashbrowns.

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ChefSteps full English waffled

Video: YouTube/ChefSteps

While the waffled full English breakfast doesn't look that appealing, according to the chefs, it tastes pretty good.


Other items you never thought you could put through a waffle maker but probably should? Gyoza dumplings – extra delicious once the soy sauce mixes into the waffle crevices – Funfetti cake mix, brownies, quesadilla, mac and cheese and so much more.


Lesson learned: anything can be waffled.

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Funfetti waffle cake

Photo:  Twitter/ChefSteps

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