If your idea of heaven is "deep-fried anything" then boy, do we have a treat for you

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Image: Deep fried big mac

Photo: Instagram/Peepmysneaks

Now that's a burger …

Yes, too much of a good thing really does exist.


And we've found it on the Instagram page of chef and food blogger Peep My Sneaks who posts mouthwatering pictures of junk food revamped into even junkier food.


Kale fanatics, turn away now.


Case in point? The deep-fried Big Mac on a stick, dipped in egg and Panko breadcrumbs, deep-fried and then layered with extra burger sauce on top.  


Peep My Sneaks, who also posts recipes for his wild and wonderful food creations at Peep My Eats, has come up with some other calorific, cardiac-crisis inducing treats including a burger stuffed with spaghetti and cheese ball and bacon grilled cheese.


We're about to fall into a food coma just from looking at these snaps …

The deep-fried Big Mac on a stick

Bacon cheese ball grilled cheese

Spaghetti-stuffed burger with parmesan, marinara sauce and toasted garlic bread bun

Bacon, sausage, egg and cheese with grape jelly

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