Is this the best or the weirdest thing we've ever seen?

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Southern-style fried greens cooked in Magic Vegan Bacon Grease

"Oh I couldn't live without bacon" is the almost-compulsory response to anyone admitting they don't eat meat, but now a company called Vegan Magic might just have found the next best thing. 

Chris Colohan might be familiar to some as the front man of the (sadly no more) Canadian metallic hardcore rock band Cursed. To others, he is the brains behind Magic Vegan Bacon Grease, which claims to have been "Salvaging Comfort Foods & Making Believers of the Brave Since 2013".

The spread is made with coconut oil, non-GMO soy protein, sea salt, pure maple syrup, black pepper, onion, garlic, Torula yeast, and natural smoke flavour. And while nothing called Magic Bacon Grease could be considered healthy, at least the ingredients are all natural.

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According to the website MVBG can be used for frying, baking, cooking, and even just spreading on toast. Providing a rich, smoky bacon flavour to almost anything while remaining "inexplicably vegan". 


"Sound Weird? Don't Worry, Your Mouth Will Explain It to Your Brain" claims the website, while the Tumblr page announces "It's real. Deal with it society".

Born out of years of frustration on the road with the band and no vegan comfort food in sight, Colohan invented MVBG to bring grease to everyone. It can go in cookies, in pancakes, in soups, on popcorn, in fry-ups, on beans on toast. In anything you've ever thought "you know what would make this situation better, bacon."

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So far, MVBG isn't yet available in the UK, but it is coming and you can buy it online here. The next big thing to come out of the Vegan Magic kitchen is the all-in-one cheese sauce. Hurry up and get to Britain, the curiosity is killing us!