Milk first or last? Teapot versus teabag. Luckily, we have found all the answers …

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Image: This is how to make the perfect cup of tea

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Tea is better than coffee, let’s just get that out of the way first. Even those who say the opposite agree deep down, they’re just being provocative because they have consumed too much caffeine.


However, one great question has plagued and divided our tea-drinking nation: do you put the milk in your cup before or after your brew?


The British Standards Institution (which unbeknownst to, well, most people, creates standards for companies across the world) may have settled the debate once and for all: tea should be brewed in a pot and the milk should be put in the cup before the tea is poured. So there.

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Damn that's good tea

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The rigorous guidelines don’t stop there, the pot has to be made of porcelain (naturally), there must be at least 2g of tea for every 100ml (which should be left to infuse for 6 minutes) and the water must not exceed 85°C (185°F) when served – otherwise the milk will scald.


And then we come to the milk. There should be around 5ml of the white stuff added to each cup, if it is large (between 57mm and 63mm tall) or half that amount if it is small (about 49mm tall).


The six-page book of guidelines states, "If the milk is added afterwards, experience has shown that the best results are obtained when the temperature of the liquor is in the range 65 to 80°C when the milk is added."


Tea just became much more of an art form. Confused? Well, they’ve done a handy little infographic to help you on your merry tea drinking way. 

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How to make the perfect cup of tea

Photo: British Standards Institution 

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