YouTuber "The King of Random" aka Grant Thompson has come up with these genius stackable Lego sweets


Granted, those yellow, red and blue bricks are fun to build with, but we wouldn’t recommend them as an afternoon snack.


But now you can have your Lego and eat it too.


YouTuber The King of Random aka Grant Thompson has come up with these genius stackable sweets that will make you want to find the nearest kitchen and start playing with jelly, gelatin and Lego-shaped moulds.


Now, we know what you’re thinking: when are you possibly going to need to make Lego sweets? Well, the answer is all the time – and, no, we’re not just talking about children’s parties.


All you need to do is dissolve some corn syrup in cold water, pour into a pan, add some gelatin and jelly, then stir. Heat the mixture for about 5-10 minutes, then pour it into the moulds and leave to cool for 5 hours. Then, start building/eating in whatever order you wish.


Brilliance sometimes comes in bite-size pieces. 


And breathe. 


Cautionary note: if you have little children around you'll already be super cautious about the small things they shouldn't try to eat. So, as you'd expect just be sure they know what's edible Lego and what isn't. To stay safe. 

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Video: YouTube / The King of Random