You could wake up early and get this beauty of an egg sandwich from your nearest Maccy's, or you could just shuffle on over to your kitchen thanks to YouTuber Crouton Crackerjacks

 Ah. The Egg McMuffin.


Those almighty layers of pork sausage patty, fried egg and cheese sandwiched between two buttery muffin halves is a thing of beauty and soother of any hangover.


We bring you joyous news, dear readers, as YouTuber Crouton Crackerjacks has blessed the world with the knowledge of how to make this breakfast dish of champions from your very own kitchen. 


It’s official: there is no good reason to leave the house again. 


There's also a bonus. You can even freeze your creation and then just pop it in the microwave when only the Egg McMuffin can make the world a better place.


We think this is up there with 'make your own Nutella' …


You can thank us later. 




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