The boss at the coffee chain has revealed how to bag your morning buzz for free. Note to self: be nice

Coffee drinkers, it’s time to go on a charm offensive.

Pret A Manger CEO Clive Schlee has revealed how to get your morning caffeine fix or lunchtime sarnie on the house: just be nice.

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Schlee said that he has given staff the power to hand out free drinks or food to the customers they like best – or fancy.


Speaking to the Evening Standard, Schlee said: “We looked at loyalty cards but we didn’t want to spend all that money building up some complicated Clubcard-style analysis.


“Instead the staff have to give away a certain number of hot drinks and food every week. They will decide 'I like the person on the bicycle' or 'I like the guy in that tie' or 'I fancy that girl or that boy.'


“It means 28% of people have had something free. It’s a nice, different way of doing it.”


If there was ever a reason to slap a smile on your face today, this is it.  Go on, you can grind them down.