This little guy is about to show you why, when it comes to food, a hamster is an almost bottomless pit

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You won't believe how much grub this hamster can tuck away

News flash: hamster pouches can extend all the way back to their hips. Seriously.


If you’ve ever had a hamster, you’ll know that they have talents.


They can fit a phenomenal amount of food in their cheek pouches and make an unbelievable amount of noise when presented with a small plastic wheel.


We’ll forget the wheel for now because a new BBC series, Pets – Wild at Heart, shows the little ball of fluff getting X-rayed while dining so you can see exactly where all that food really goes.

And when his pouches are completely full, the packed hamster trots off to his secret hiding place to store his stash.


Oh and did we mention the show is narrated by the brilliant Broadchurch and Dr Who star David Tennant?  In case you hadn't already planned on watching it ... 

Behold the wonders of the hamster!

Pets: Wild At Heart airs on BBC One on Wednesday 21 January at 8pm.

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