Champagne keeps for three days, red for five and sometimes rosé actually tastes better a while after it's been opened. It’s time to meet your new wine bible …

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Image: This is how long wine really lasts once it’s been opened

Photo: Derek Gavey /  CC-BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: derekgavey

Lots of us have been there: gingerly sipping that four-day-old bottle of white wine that was left in the door of the fridge, trying to figure out whether it's starting to taste like vinegar.


Well, we have some joyous news for you readers. To avoid drinking something rather unpleasant before pouring the rest of the bottle down the sink, we've found the ultimate wine-lover’s bible thanks to Madeline Puckette at Wine Folly.


Puckette's brilliant infographic lets you cross-reference the type of wine you're drinking with how long it'll last once it's been opened.


Cheers to that. 


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