It’s British Cheese Week, which can mean only one thing: you're obliged to eat as much cheddar, brie and camembert as possible. But which cheese are we crackers for?

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Image: This is the nation’s favourite cheese

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We'll take the cheeseboard for one …

There’s no question that we love the cheesy stuff: nothing can compare to the melting goodness of the institution that is cheese on toast


Just in time for British Cheese Week (yes, that's a thing), the nation has voted (2,000 Brits to be exact) and the results are in.


According to pickle-maker Branston, the newly crowned king of cheese is … drum roll please … cheddar.


Shock, horror.


That’s right, cheese lovers. The humble and oh-so versatile cheese may not be the fanciest fromage to grace the board, but a whopping 80% of people surveyed said it was their favourite.


Behold the cheese hall of fame. Remember guys, we live in a democracy.

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Britain’s favourite cheese:

1. Cheddar
2. Mozzarella
3. Red Leicester
4. Brie
5. Parmesan
6. Stilton
7. Wensleydale
8. Feta
9. Camembert
10. Cream cheese

They also found that 8% of people admitted to eating an entire block of cheese in one sitting.


Um, not guilty, your honour.


Do you agree with the results? What’s your favourite cheese? Let us know in the comments box below or tweet us @Homemade