Knobbly carrots, lumpy plums, gnarly parsnips… They're still delicious

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Food waste is sad. Seven million tonnes of all-things-edible get chucked in the UK's bins every year. More than half of this is stuff that was still perfectly okay to consume. It ain't good. 


A part of sorting this out is getting over our obsession with cookie-cutter fruit and veg. Knobbly carrots, lumpy plums and gnarly parsnips – they all taste just as crunchy/ sweet/ delicious as their smooth ’n' shiny brothers and sisters. 


Which is why we're all over the @uglyfruitandveg Instagram account. 


Highlighting the charm of funny-looking produce, it's whipping our preconceptions into shape. Feast on these. 

Ugly fruit and veg – don't ever let the haters stop you from doing your thing.



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