We want them all. From Australian chicken avocado aioli to the Polish zapiekanka, here are 13 incredibly delicious ways to jazz up two (or three) slices of bread

If your lunchtime routine is feeling distinctly repetitive – cheese sandwich, again? – then it's time for some easy culinary inspiration.


We've got just the ticket courtesy of our friends at Food, People, Places, the foodies behind the recent gorgeous video that paid homage to eggs and the many ways to prepare them.  


This time, they've set their sights on the humble sandwich, introducing us to 13 sandwiches from around the globe. Some are classics we know and love: the French croque monsieur, the Italian panini, and the British cucumber sandwich, to name a few.


Others are a bit more unusual, like the South African Gatsby (a bread roll topped with meat and chips) and the German Toast Hawaii (an open sandwich with a slice of toast, ham and melted cheese atop a pineapple, finished with a maraschino cherry). 


One common denominator? We'll happily try them all. 



These tasty sandwich recipes are easy to make at home and simply delicious: