McDonalds’ latest café in Australia offers pulled pork, quinoa salad and craft smoothies (whatever they are)

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Image: This hipster café serving quinoa and pulled pork is actually a McDonald's

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Quinoa? Check. Wooden menu boards? Check. Chambray shirt-clad waiters? Check. Herb garden? Check. So far, so hipster.


However, this is no independent joint serving local produce, oh no. "The Corner" in Camperdown, Sydney is actually a McDonald's.


The fast food chain has rebranded a McCafé (itself a twist on the usual Maccy D's format), and the food it serves couldn't be further from those double cheeseburgers and Big Macs.


We’re talking a daily changing menu of brown rice or quinoa salads, Moroccan chicken breast, pulled pork, cakes, pastries and “craft smoothies” (nope, we’re not sure what they are either). 

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Via Instagram/Thecorner2050

The new franchise is the first of 14 planned “Customer Learning Labs”, which will allow testing and experimentation with new dishes and drinks that have never been seen on the company's menus before.


Michael Safi told the Guardian’s Aussie food blogger, Bridie Jabour: “Perhaps the most pleasant surprise was that the roll felt composed of actual, real-life food.


“That dirty feeling you get after scoffing a McDonald’s burger? Non-existent.”


New year, new Maccy D's? Well, there are no plans yet to open The Corner in the UK so it may be some time before you can swap your McMuffin for pulled pork with Asian slaw.

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