Could you handle a shot of (the terrifyingly titled) Death Wish?

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Do you need to fill up the engine that is your body with the aromatic petrol of coffee every morning? 


A shot of espresso before cranking into gear is necessary for, probably, most of us. Here in the UK, we neck a crackers 70 million cups on a daily basis. 


But one java company has taken your dose – and amplified it by 200 per cent. 


The New York-based Death Wish Coffee sells bags of their super-strength ground beans to a cultish following for whom, it seems, the hyper brew is more of a lifestyle than a mere beverage. 


According to founder, Mike Brown, the crazy blend is achieved through "the perfect mix of beans, and a unique roasting process."

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Packing the crazy coffee up at the Death Wish roastery 

And why did he decide to make a living hawing rocket fuel in drinkable form? Because, owning a coffee shop in the Big Apple, he was used to tired workers requesting the "strongest coffee possible, to get them through their days." 


This sparked a desire to discover the most intense coffee, in the world, ever. After "countless weeks of late nights, early mornings, cupping, testing, and tasting," he nailed it. 


And customers seem to really, really like the stuff. 

Makes your cappuccino look a little, well, pedestrian. No? 



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