Artisan sourdough, locally-reared pulled pork and cold-pressed juice: why we can't get enough of the latest foodie trends happening across the globe

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Image: This book unravels how we all got so obsessed with food

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Spend your Saturdays sourcing the finest charcuterie from farmers' markets? The freshest spelt loaf from your neighbourhood bakery? Smashing up creamy avocado halves with sea salt, black pepper and a twist of lemon juice on a just-right slice of rye?


Then, welcome – you're part of the food obsessive collective that powers the country's foodie scene. 


It's not news that the past decade has seen a remarkable turn about in our attitude to all things edible. Taking secretive snaps before we eat to later upload to Instagram is now as normal at the dinner table as picking up your knife and fork. And knowing where your meat is sourced or reciting the intricacies of the triple-fried chip method is more of a social status symbol than any watch, handbag or new outfit. 

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But why? That's the question that author and writer Eve Turow seeks to unravel in her  new book, Generation Yum, specifically with regards to the generation nicknamed 'the Millennials.'


Born between 1980 and the early 2000s, it's this social media-savvy cohort who've really taken the great foodie movement to their collective subconscious. 


Her hypothesis is simple. Whereas the Millennial's parents 'might have looked to movies and music' for inspiration and cultural know-how, this generation grew up staring at screens (and, later, working in front of them), which means the pull of celluloid is far less. Instead, the Millennial crave is for something that reconnects us with our basic, essential humanity.


As Turow tells us: "Food supplies us with four distinct benefits: community, sensory stimulation, identity and control, all of which are the antithesis of technology. We are craving tactile experiences where we can whiff, chop, slurp, singe, and sizzle. We're also looking for ways to define and brand ourselves in a world where personal brand is everything –(hello, Facebook, LinkedIn, OkCupid, etc) and choosing food plans like Paleo, or only eating organic, locally sourced produce, is a way to do that." 

Want to find out more? Download the book here.


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