Hello stocking filler! Pints just got powered-up

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Via: Kickstarter/ePint 

You've got technology that would have been unthinkable 20 years ago tucked in your handbag. But your beer glasses? They're just the same as they always were. 


How dull. 


Good news is that a group of revolutionaries from LA are looking to shake things up.


A start-up calling themselves Xtreme Tech have created what might just be the ultimate stocking filler: a beer glass that records how many pints its owner has sunk, and then recommends when it's time to go home. It even dials a taxi to get you there. Fancy. 

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Via: Kickstarter/ ePint

We guess it's sort of like the fun-loving, yet responsible, best friend you never had. 


So how does it work? Like most of these new-fangled things, it links up to your smartphone using Bluetooth.


As well as letting you know when you've consumed your self-imposed limit and calling your carriage, the glass uses sensors to light up when you need a refill – and even comes equipped with a bottle opener encased in the bottom. 


Up now on Kickstarter, the aim is to gather the funding to get out there for the festive season. Pre-order for £20 if you want in. 



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