Is this one more reason to put that 4pm can of Coke down?

Unless you've been living under a big old cylindrical rock the past few weeks, you've probably seen the now viral (and coming under fireinfographic from The Renegade Pharmacist detailing what happens to your body in the 60 minutes after you drink a can of Coca-Cola. 


Sensationalistic/over-inflated/whatever, it's certainly spiked our collective interest in the sugar content of fizzy drinks


Someone else coming up with creative ways to inject the fear of drinkable white stuff into our hearts? Meet New Zealand-born food photographer Henry Hargreaves.


By taking a load of popular drinks and boiling them down to remove the water, he pours the remaining, distilled sugar into lollipop moulds – and the size of them is pretty scary. 


1. Mountain Dew

The popular US energy drink that's launched a UK version with the high fructose corn syrup subbed out for a sugar syrup (too much of the US's version is illegal here). This has 77g of the white stuff. 

Report image

Photo: Henry Hargreaves 


2. Coca-Cola

The most famous of the bunch comes in at 39g.

Report image

Photo: Henry Hargreaves 


3. Vitamin Water

The virtuous-sounding Vitamin Water has 33g.

Report image

Photo: Henry Hargreaves 

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