Meat encased between a halved Scotch egg: yes, really

Will it beat you?


OK – so which dude-food superfans saw the donut burger and thought, “Hmm, almost, but not quite”? Well, like some bad food fan-fic, someone has now morphed the burger and the Scotch egg. The Scurger? A Begg? We’ll stop there – but only because the potential names sound like a rare wart or something.


Yeah Burger has launched a whole line of the patties that are cased between a halved Scotch egg. On the menu is The Scotch Ness Monster (featuring aged beef, pickled onions and cheddar inside a white pepper and sage Scotch egg); The Marco Polo (beef, Manchego cheese, lemon aioli in a chorizo egg); The Dragon (Fried tofu, kimchi, and wasabi in a mushroom and quinoa egg) and, stopping just short of marinating it in Buckfast, The Glaswegian (lamb and leeks in a haggis and kedgeree egg).


The artery-shocking burgers will be available at the Yeah Burger’s residencies at London’s Star of Kings and The Strongroom Bar but for just two weeks, from 7 to 22 August. Which, all told, is probably for the best. We still like being able to see our feet when we look down.