The best things in life can be turned into a cake, right? Including Jennifer Lawrence and Yoda

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Image: The most tempting TV and film-inspired cakes

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Ralph from the Simpsons as you've never seen him before

Magnificent Maleficent

With fierce green eyes, fondant horns and a gory red velvet sponge inside, Angelina Jolie has never looked so terrifying. Inspired by the film Maleficent (a retelling of Sleeping Beauty), this creepy cake was whipped up by the Tattooed Bakers.

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Up, up and away

What could be sweeter than a film about an old man and his airborne home? Well, if the house was made out of sweets, of course. 

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The queen of cakes

No, we’re not talking about Mary Berry here. This jaw-dropping cake creation of Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts (as played by Helena Bonham Carter) was carved by cake and chocolate artist Karen Portaleo

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The Corpse Bride

Any of Tim Burton’s whimsical films are sure to offer heaps of inspiration but would you swap a traditional wedding cake for this dark culinary creation?

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Corpse Bride Cake

Via: Charly's Bakery / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: charlysbakery


The beesneez

You won’t want to be running away from this sugary bee ...

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Bee Movie

Via: Facebook/BluebirdCakes


Who needs Madame Tussauds?

If you think making sourdough is time-consuming, this life-sized cake replica of Jennifer Lawrence took three months to make (yes, really). Taking the gold medal in the decorative exhibit section of the Cake International competition at Birmingham’s NEC, Lara Clarke’s Hunger Games creation is almost too good to eat. Almost.

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Hunger Games Cake




What could be more romantic than a rusting, refuse-collecting robot falling in love with a sleek white probe?

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Ay caramba!

Yes, you are looking at a cutout cake of Ralph from The Simpsons. The beloved away-with-the-fairies cartoon character has never looked so tasty.

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Ralph cake

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May the Force be with you

Transformed into cake Yoda is.

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