The Force does not appear to be with these recipes …

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Yes, this is a Princess Leia-shaped fishcake and spaghetti 

There's been a fair bit of pre-Star Wars frenzy recently. The impending (17 December) release date of the latest film in the franchise – Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens – has sparked something pretty dramatic. 


There was the Cornish bakery that made a Yoda-controlled levitating lemon and elderflower cake. You can now set your Google services to "light" or "dark" side. And then this Amazon exec revealed his startling memorabilia collection. 


And now, there's this. 


Fish dishes crafted in the shape of iconic characters. 




We can't say they're the most, erm, appetising plates we've ever seen. But, hey, if a kedgeree shaped into Chewbacca makes you happy, then that's your call. 


1. C-3PO and R2-D2 fish pie

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2. Chewbacca kedgeree 

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3. Storm Trooper cod curry

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4. Ewok kedgeree

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5. Mackerel Death Star pâté

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