From Princess Hulk to the Transformers: the creativity behind these birthday cakes for children has gone to a whole new extreme

Hulk or princess? Hulk or princess? It's the eternal debate surrounding any birthday cake for a four year old.


And it's one that a pair of twins faced in a big way on their big day this week: a green, towering superhero concoction? Or a pink-and-frills girly number? 


Thankfully, they didn't need to choose just one. Oh no. Because their top-notch dad fused the two, in a bake of epic proportions. Just look at this. 

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But he's not the only brilliant baking parent to make something very special for their little one's celebration.


There was the Optimus Prime cake that actually transformed: 

Is it just us or does the mum look way more excited than the little boy?


Then there was this playable Angry Birds spectacular …


And this deceptively easy monster-shaped treat

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This was created for a 26 year old …

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But it's just such a showstopper we couldn't not show you. 


Plus, this minions idea is pretty nifty …

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As is this three-tiered Barbie creation

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For all those parents creating some pretty amazing cake wizardry for the under 10 crowd, we salute you. 

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