Warning: This mum's amazing baked goods will not make other parents feel good about their culinary skills

Some people really can have their cake and eat it too. 


Take for example Australian Elise Strachan, the Internet baking sensation whose YouTube channel My Cupcake Addiction boasts more followers than Jamie Oliver.


The former flight attendant and mum of two started making cupcake videos three years ago and hasn't looked back. Her YouTube channel is filled with informative how-tos for every baking feat, including giant candy bar cakes, illusion cupcakes, rainbow marshmallow fondant and milkshakes in edible cups.


"I'm very led by my audience, YouTube is a very engaged arena," Strachan told Daily Mail Australia. "A lot of things I make come from my crazy cake brain, or requests from viewers."


Watch the no-bake giant ice cream Snickers cake video above and say goodbye to your productivity for the rest of the day (make that week). You can also ogle Strachan's recipes on Instagram at MyCupcakeAddiction


Pretty sweet, huh?

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Twix cake

Via YouTube/MyCupcakeAddiction

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Jelly Belly cake

Via YouTube/MyCupcakeAddiction

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