Because two is always better than one, right?

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Image: These food mashups will blow your mind

ManEatManila / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: ManEatManila

Find out what this delicious-looking creation is below

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of food mash-ups. This is the place where two foods are combined to create an almighty third.


With a new croissant cross or baffling burger popping up on almost a weekly basis, it’s time to brush up on your mash-ups.

What is it: d’oh nut
Meaning: a cheeseburger-stuffed doughnut
What’s in it: the warm glazed doughnut is filled with bacon cheeseburger and topped with bacon bits
Should I eat it? This homage to Homer Simpson is actually the scariest burger we’ve ever seen

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D’oh Nut

ManEatManila / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: ManEatManila


What is it: baissant
Meaning: a croissant-bagel cross
What’s in it: bagel dough and croissant pastry are interwoven then baked
Should I eat it? Flaky like a croissant, dense like a bagel, we can’t help but think this is going to be hard to chew … 

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What is it: townie
Meaning: half tart, half brownie
What’s in it: buttery sweet pastry filled with chocolate brownie goo
Should I eat it? Oh yes. It's a two-in-one pud

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A_b_normal123/ CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: Insatiablemunchies


What is it: cronut
Meaning: the croissant-doughnut hybrid
What’s in it: pretty much just butter and sugar
Should I eat it? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that this is the mashup that caused a pastry-flecked frenzy

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Via Facebook/Pizookie


What is it: crozel
Meaning: if a pretzel and a croissant had a love child
What’s in it: chocolate, butter and sugar. Mmm
Should I eat it? It’s covered in Nutella, need we say more? 

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What is it: duffin
Meaning: somewhere between a doughnut and a muffin
What’s in it: a cakey kind of doughnut dough filled with jam
Should I eat it? Jam makes everything taste good

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What is it: ramen burger
Meaning: a juicy burger wrapped in fried ramen noodles masquerading as a bun
What’s in it: burger and noodles. Simple
Should I eat it? Is this the unhealthiest fast food around? 

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Ramen burger

Via /


What is it: Spaghetti bread
Meaning: if a bowl of spaghetti bolognese and a loaf of bread collided
What’s in it: spaghetti, beef and mozzarella all wrapped up in bread dough
Should I eat it? The jury's out at the moment

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Spaghetti bread

Via Facebook/CrumbsBakeShop


What is it: waffle tacos
Meaning: a taco-shaped waffle shell
What’s in it: it’s stuffed with eggs, sausage and bacon with a side of syrup
Should I eat it? Sure. But we've got to ask, what's wrong with a good old traditional fry-up?

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What is it: pizookie
Meaning: a very large, flat pizza-style cookie topped with ice cream 
What’s in it: whatever cookie dough you fancy (chocolate, peanut butter, oat and raisin, the options are endless)
Should I eat it? In the words of the Cookie Monster, om nom nom nom

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What is it: ramnuts
Meaning: a ramen noodle and doughnut combo
What’s in it: that’s right, you’re looking at noodles hiding inside an iced doughnut
Should I eat it? we didn’t think the mashup world could get any wackier but this makes our mind boggle

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