The latest trend in beer isn't craft or tank: it's 'topless' beer cans and lids that you'll need a church key to wrench off

There's nothing like a cold, refreshing can of beer at the end of a long day. Even more rewarding? Using some elbow grease to open it.


Well, that's debatable. But one thing's for sure: crazy lids are having their moment in the beer-world spotlight. Forget about cracking open a small hole on the top of the can, now it's all about 360-degree pop tops which highlight the beer's aromas and flavours. 


Some to look out for? Canadian brewery Big Rock Brewery's Alberta Genuine Draft turns your beer can into what is essentially an aluminium glass by allowing you to completely remove the top.


US brewery Sly Fox's Helles Golden Lager, a German-style golden lager, promises "wide-open flavour and aroma" thanks to its entirely removable lid.

When it comes to inventive lids, American brewers Churchkey's tagline says it all: "It's worth the effort." The brand's craft beer comes in a flat-top beer can, which dates back to 1935 and brings a touch of history to present-day beer drinking.


The gimmick? You need a church key to open it, which has a triangular blade for cans on one side and a rounded edge to open bottles on the other. 


One definite benefit of these funky beer lids? No more snapping the ring-pull and being left with an un-openable can of beer.

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