Based on the Big Issue model, the Change Please coffee vans bring a feelgood buzz to your morning americano

On a hazy morning commute, that first sip of coffee can feel like a lifesaver. But a new social enterprise is showing how coffee can actually turn people's lives around. 


Change Please is based on the Big Issue model where coffee trucks are manned by trained-up baristas who were formally homeless. You'll be able to get a perfect espresso, flat white or whatever caffeine-fix you fancy, with the added sweetness of providing jobs and training for those who need it.

Speciality brews from Tanzania, Colombia and Rwanda will retail at £2.50 a cup, which is pretty standard pricing for a posh cuppa in the capital. 


Having launched their first truck in London's Covent Garden, the plan is to roll out the scheme across Bristol, Manchester, Nottingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Backed by Big Issue founder John Bird and Cemal Ezel, a social entrepreneur, Change Please is set to capitalise on Britain's growing coffee-fixation. 


On top of training, the baristas will take home the current London living wage of £9.15 an hour and the organisation will underwrite its staff's housing applications with the aim to getting them into decent shelter.


The other long-term goal is to assist baristas in getting a job in a mainstream coffee shop after six months. 


We know where we'll be grabbing our next afternoon pick-me-up from.



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