This blockbuster idea comes from the Dutch filmaking-turned-brewing duo behind Cinema Brewers

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Image: These guys turn your favourite films into beer

Photo: Facebook/Cinema Brewers

Doctor Zhivago is made even more epic by becoming a bottle of beer

When it comes to good pairings, beer and a movie are a match made in heaven.


Well, imagine beer inspired by your favourite films. Fancy taking a gulp of Pulp Fiction? Now you can.


Dutch filmmaking-turned-brewing duo Finbarr Wilbrink and Martijn Blekendaal, the men behind Cinema Brewers, create beers that evoke their favourite big-screen hits, reports Munchies.


Their first effort? Putting Jean-Luc Godard's cult classic French film Breathless into a bottle. And apparently, it tastes like a mix of French and US hops, verbena and lavender.

So far, they've created beers based on Doctor Zhivago (a wintry brew made with orange peel, ginger, and darker malts​), Pulp Fiction (using the "$5 milkshake" as inspiration, it's made with fresh apples, vanilla bean and blueberries) and The Big Lebowski (a combination of lemongrass and coriander).


Each brew is a limited edition – only 5,000 litres of each one is brewed – and before any beer can be sold internationally, the duo need to receive permission for the use of the movie titles on the labels.


"It’s an ongoing experiment. The way we compile the ingredients is unpredictable, mainly because each and every flick inspires us differently. That’s what keeps it fun and novel," Blekendaal tells Munchies.


Well now we're in the mood for a beer-movie marathon …

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Cinema Brewers

Photo: Instagram/cinemabrewers

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